This Bar has everything people in the tranz and alternative scene are looking for -it’s upmarket, it’s clean and I mean it’s scrupulously clean, it’s safe – plenty of open space to watch or play – or just to chat away with intelligent people with sensibly priced alcohol and snacks.

The Staff, including the owner are attentive, totally non judgemental, are watchful and are always alert to ensure that any play is mutually consensual.

The equipment, play spaces and facilities are in a class of their own – nothing is left to chance – they even have tampax available in the ladies toilet!

The attention to detail is extraordinary and if I had the good fortune to live in Vienna, it would become my number one venue to meet chat and make new acquaintances – and maybe play, although I am a shy female at heart !

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Eilmeldung: Nach einem 7-monatigen Dornröschenschlaf wieder wachgeküsst! (COVID-Update)

Zunächst öffnen wir das Special No Limits (Felberstraße 20, Hotel Do Step Inn)!
Und zwar mit ganz speziellen Goodies:

Selbsttests können mitgebracht und vor Ort durchgeführt werden und gelten auch !